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Cosmo Dart Fit Flight System

Innovative Flight System

  1. Innovative flight and shaft
  2. The "Push In" system enables easily installation
  3. It firmly keeps a right angle
  4. The exclusive shafts - 2 types
    • Spin type: No wobbling (shaking), smooth spin
    • Lock type: Firmly fixed

Tight Groupings

Fit Flights dramatically reduce deflections by rotating when another darts touches the flight. This offers an uninterrupted path to the target.

Improved Accuracy

Fit Flights are molded to achieve precise aerodynamic trajectory. This solid one piece design gives you the perfect right angle in your flight. No 'squaring up' flights in between throws. And the strengthened nylon shaft gives a more stable base than found in other spinning flight/shaft systems. No wobbles or bent wires. And Cosmo manufactures their spinning shafts with 100% strengthened plastic resin to enhance durability and increases resistance to bending, breaking, and curving.

Eliminates Robinhooding

Cosmo's Fit Flight's are molded and the end of the shafts tuck safely inside the flight so there is no chance of breaking prongs*. (*The upper area of conventional shafts which secures the flights.)

Easy Installation

Simply slide the shaft into the flight and snap into place. In just seconds you're ready to compete.


The same design features that help improve your game also reduce wear and tear. Add to this a high strength thermal plastic and you have the longest lasting flights and shafts sold today.

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