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Intelite Dart Shaft Systems

The Intelite dart shaft and flight sytem is designed to eliminate the headache of flights falling off your darts.

Intelite Dart Shaft Flight System Advantages:
  • Absolutely no chance of a "RobbinHood". Second dart can't stick in first dart flight and the deflection of second dart is minimized.
  • The ultimate fully integrated shaft and flight protector that prolongs the life of your flights
  • Holds flights wings at 90 degree angle to maintain perfect aerodynamics ensuring flight trajectory.
  • Clever light weight constuction that protects and locks flights in place.

Assembly is as simply as 1, 2 3

Intelite Shaft and Flight System - Step 1Intelite Shaft and Flight System - Step 2Intelite Shaft and Flight System - Step 3

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