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McDermott pays a premium to purchase only the finest grade of materials offered.  All materials are inspected and tested for quality and specific tolerances before being put into production.

McDermott hand selects only the finest woods from around the globe (North America, South America, Central Amercia and West Africa.  The wood is aged for 18 to 24 months by alternately storing and machining each piece three times.  This allows the perfect amount of moisture to escape.

G-Core Shaft.  Billiard's leading innovator has unveiled the next evolution in high performance shafts - the new G-Core shaft.  Its triple layer design stabilizes the front impact area of the shaft, reducing vibration and minimizing shaft distortion.  G-Core's carbon fiber layer increases radial consistency, promoting enhanced accuracy and stability.  This establishes a new standard for premium shafts.

i-2 Shaft.  The patented i-2 shaft is standard on all 2010/2011 McDermott cues over $700.  Our proprietary Intimidator Carbon Energy (ICE) technology provides unparalleled radial consistency.  This ensures precision shots and dependable results.

McDermott's signature 3/8"-10 wood-to-wood and patented Quick Release (QR) joints provide consistent surface contact throughout the cue, delivering maximum feel and the most solid hit in the industry.
McDermott's "Tri-Core" butt construction promotes straightness over the life of the cue and provides optimal balance.  Inlays and rings are precision milled to within .001" and hand-glued to ensure the perfect fit.
Everest Tip

Kamui Tips

Everest Tips (G-Core Shafts).  Everest Tips by Tiger are made from the finest quality pigskin in the world.  Each tip is individually tested for consistency, hardness and quality; featuring a red warning layer that alerts you for tip replacement.

McDermott-KamuiTM Tips (i-Shafts).  The McDermott-KamuiTM tip consists of the highest quality Japanese pigskin leather in the world.  It has a higher porosity, allowing the tip to hold its shape and chalk more effectively.  The enhanced cue ball grip results in more control and accuracy with less force.


All McDermott shafts use premium quality ferrules.  The i-Shaft's Ivorine III and the G-Core's Juma ferrules maximize the point of impact between the shaft and the tip, providing increased accuracy and consistent results.
Genuine Wrap
Premium Wrap

Genuine Irish Linen.  Our genuine imported Irish linen wrap is tightly wound, double-pressed, and polished for a perfect fit and smooth feel.  The Irish linen absorbs hand moisture to ensure a comfortable grip.

Premium Italian Leather.  McDermott's premium Italian leather wraps offer the durability, consistency and comfort that can only be found in leather.


McDermott cues are hand-stained with exclusive imported European "Organic-Pigment" stain made from the finest pigments in the world.  Superior to the synthetic stains generally used in the industry, it's notable for uniform saturation of the wood and color consistency.  Five coats of high-luster urethane protect the cue and enhance the color.
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